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Why plan own passing?   -   Funeral Planning Checklist
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Planning a funeral is a complicated process,which is made even more difficult by the emotional stress that accompanies the death of a loved one. Fortunately, many of the arrangements can be made ahead of time, which will decrease the burden on those left behind. Use one of the checklists below (simple or in-depth) when discussing funeral plans with your loved one, to make sure that his or her final wishes are carried out.

Basic Funeral Pre-Planning Checklist (Click here for the all-inclusive fillable PDF form)

General Preparations
All of these items can be arranged in advance of a person’s death.
Assemble personal information for obituary
Choose a charity to direct donations to
Decide if jewelry is to remain or be returned

Funeral Home Services
Choose burial or cremation
Select a casket or cremation container
Select a burial vault or cremation urn
Choose the location/type of service
Choose family viewing or visitation
Choose a floral arrangement
Select a photograph to be displayed
Decide which religious or fraternal items are to be displayed
Decide what the deceased will wear
Select music, hymns, and solos
Select scripture or literature to be read
Select a memorial register
Select memorial folders and acknowledgement cards

Funeral Home Services: Transportation
Funeral coach
Clergy car
Family limousine
Pallbearer limousine
Flower car

Choose clergy or officiator
Choose organist or other musical participants
Select pallbearers
Select family member or friend to perform the eulogy
Select family member or friend to read scripture or literature

Cemetery Selections
Choose a cemetery
Select a burial or cremation plot
Decide whether above or below ground
Select a memorial or grave marker and inscription

Final Arrangements
The following items cannot be arranged beforehand.
Apply for death certificates
Apply for a burial permit
Set a time and date for the service
Request preparation and embalming
Arrange location and food for the reception
Funeral Planning Checklist
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